Infill drilling horizontal wells amongst depleted vertical wells or in economically depleted flood schemes with vertical well injectors and producers can access by-passed pay increasing recovery by 30% or more when sequentially re-completed.

Using the same Lloydminster zone data that generated estimated CAPEX for sequential re-completions in existing horizontal wells results in a range of $6.50 to $10.16 per recovered barrel for the situations where the wells are completed with either slotted liner or blank liner.

Slotted Liner
The Initial Completion CAPEX estimate is based on a jet pump being landed at the bottom of the Heel to produce the well to economic depletion. This avoids possibly sanding in the production tubing if sand enters the liner. 1st Sequence Re-completion CAPEX covers the cost of a clean-out to TD and additional tubing. 2nd and subsequent re-completions are estimated at $66,000 each. Total Oil is the estimated volume per re-completion times the Number of Sequences plus the estimated volume recovered from producing the slotted liner to economic depletion.

Blank Liner
Similar to the 1st re-completion of an existing horizontal well, the first set of perforations is at the Toe. The estimate of Total Oil recovered is more than the average used in the previous estimates to reflect access to untouched production along the wellbore.