Extract up to 80% of OOIP from heavy oil unconsolidated sand reservoirs.

Withdrawing several hundred cubic meters of near wellbore sand from perforated vertical wells improves rate by more than 4 times and drains 2 to 3 acres of oil.

A mile long horizontal well with a liner can be perforated every 100 meters to extract near wellbore sand and drain 30 to 45 acres.

14 parallel horizontal wells per section can drain 420 to 630 acres.

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Procedures and Techniques illustrated in this website are novel adaptations of  what works and doesn’t work over the past 80 years in the Field as well as decades of research published by specialists in unconsolidated sand reservoirs, cavity completions, and geo-mechanics.

The Fundamental Understanding needed to Maximize Profit and Recovery from Unconsolidated Sand Reservoir is that IT IS NOT ROCK. 

It is a slurry of 70% sand suspended in viscous foamy oil.

Near wellbore sand removal of several hundred cubic meters stimulates rate and maximizes recovery.

Sand exclusion rapidly reduces rate and minimizes recovery per well.  

Outside the lab reservoir material is unconfined.

Porosity and Permeability are Nul Concepts as sand grains are easily rearranged when fluids are produced.

Fracturing occurs at less than 1 Mpa above Pore Pressure. 

Lack of lateral confinement and the ability to compact up to 30% combines with viscous fingering resulting in rapid channeling up to 7mm in diameter for any injected media.

Depleted Well Drained Areas are relatively small and are in Pressure Isolation from the surrounding reservoir.