Causing sand inflow in vertical heavy oil wells doubled recovery per well. Applying maximum drawdown through large diameter perforations by landing the pump in the perforations resulted in much higher production rates with a relatively brief period of very high sand inflow.

Devices that restrict sand inflow also restrict fluid inflow. The passage ways through the devices eventually plug, or, in the case of heavy oil flow in horizontal wells, the backpressure created by the slots results in ultra-low rate seepage from the reservoir. At such low rates geomechanical forces have time to act on the sand matrix near the liner and compact it. Compaction plus fluid viscosity leads to the cessation of economic oil inflow.

Perforating sand inflow control devices restores fluid inflow along with sand. By applying the lessons learned from vertical wells that cause and manage sand inflow – very short perforation intervals and a pump landed in the perforations – sequences of re-completions from Toe to Heel in a horizontal well would increase recovery by multiples of off-setting vertical wells.