191/9-26-49-26w3 was drilled in 1996 to evaluate horizontal well with slotted liner recovery relative to perforated vertical well recovery prior to field development.

The slotted liner consisted of three sections of slotted liner or screen with double External Casing Packers bracketing two blank joints to provide isolation for flow testing three slot widths.

There are several lessons from this well’s Case History that validates the principles SCIHOW is based on.

The over-looked lesson is the fact that serial well perforation restored production rate twice and recovery increased more than 2 fold after flow through the slotted liner was uneconomic.

See PETSOC 99-18, “Loading and Sand Cleanout in a Horizontal Heavy Oil Well”. Authors V. Wiebe, D.D. Leung, C.R. Weckesser, R.G. Gillies (available from OnePetro.org)